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The project

PROJET ERASMUS+ : 2020-1-FR01-KA203-079934


LIMEDiat aims to consolidate training and professionalization in mediation at national and European levels by creating an undergraduate degree through the realization of joint teaching, research and social impact projects that meet quality standards. international standards and the needs of contemporary society .


Build a common training repository in order to consolidate professionalization and innovate in training by taking advantage of the resources and knowledge of the consortium formed for this purpose.



. Build an innovative and inclusive 1st cycle training plan at European level, offering access opportunities through the recognition of skills acquired through experience and priority access to migrants and refugees;

. Harmonize both the content and the teaching and learning methodology for mediation for social inclusion in the four European partner countries;

. Develop general bases of international cooperation and scientific and technical exchange and transfer of knowledge between professors, students and researchers in conflict resolution and mediation;

. Promote the exchange of practices and knowledge at European level through digital media, the mobility of students and teachers.


. Build the license-level training plan, in accordance with the principles of


. Produce and pool common digital training materials for distance education;

. Design a relevant European system for immersion courses through mentoring in new contexts;

. Validate the License in Mediation for Social Inclusion with agencies

European and national countries of the LIMEDiat consortium.

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