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Atellier 2

Communication skills and psycho-emotional management, in the light of a multicultural environment


Coordinators: M. Paz Garcia-Longoria and Jesus Guillamón. University of Murcia


7 representatives of community mediation organizations such as CEPAIM (Valencia and Seville), representatives of universities (Miño and Murcia) as well as professional mediators took part. The vice-president of the National Federation of Mediators of Spain also participated.

The participation by chat was established as a working dynamic during the questions of the coordinators.
It started with the sharing of the concept of competence. It was understood that this concept is based on the integration of knowledge (knowledge), skills (know-how) and attitudes and values ​​(know-how).


The first question asked was: what skills and abilities must the mediator possess to facilitate the peaceful resolution of social conflicts and build a social fabric?

- Knowledge of the different cultures present in the territory

- As far as possible, knowledge of the languages ​​used. In your case, act in a comedy with a comedian
- Self-awareness


The second question was about interpersonal communication skills

- Skills to establish an empathetic relationship
- Build confidence and promote the manifestation of needs
- Master active listening, overcome prejudices


The third question was about the skills to manage emotions.

- Competence to self-regulate the emotions of the mediator
- Competence of the media to learn to regulate their emotions: time management; tolerance for emotional expression

In addition, participants added that in order for mediation students to acquire the necessary skills, it is necessary that, from the start of the training, they conduct practices, even through videos or role-playing.
Underline the strong participation and the richness of the debate of the people who carried out the workshop.

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